Design My Tattoo is all about you and your tattoo. It’s the simplest way to get the EXACT tattoo that you want. You don’t need to be a designer, don’t need to be an artist or be able to draw. Don’t waste your time at the tattoo parlour explaining what you want. Some times they charge you extra! Get exactly what you want from here. Avoid getting it WRONG! Approve your design before getting that needle on you. It’s hard and painful to erase or correct the design if there was a misunderstanding.

Look at the steps below to see how EASY it is!


1.SEND an email request

2.WAIT for a confirmation email

3. ATTACH the picture with instructions of what you want and a reply to the confirmation email. (The picture can be any thing you came across, it could be a design you saw at the markets, on the streets, at an ex-friend of an ex-girlfriend’s wall… As long as it’s a design you want, it might not be the right colour or shape or size, we’ll do our best to get it just right, exactly as you want it!)

4. CHECK your EMAIL and follow the link

5. APPROVE the design

6. PAY for the design

7. Wait for the HIGH RESOLUTION to be SENT right to your INBOX

8. PRINT your new design and take it the tattooist


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